BERLINA: introduced in 1961 as a 1500cc with four speed gearbox; 78bhp increased to 90bhp with higher compression ratio of 9.3 in 1963. 

The engine increased to 1800cc for the Flavia Milleotto from 1965. Fuel feed by Solex and later optional by Kugelfischer injection. Final increase to 2000cc in 1969, 115bhp with Solex or 120bhp with Kugelfischer and by then with the distinctive Lancia 'shield' front end.


Flavia by Vignale: convertible, introduced with 1500cc engine from 1962; increased to 1800 in 1964 and discontinued by 1965 - approximately 1600 produced of both versions.


Flavia Sport by Zagato - extremely rare lightweight model produced from 1963 to 1967. Initially 1500cc at 95 bhp and 1800cc from 1963 with twin webers at 105bhp; total production of approx 600 of all variations. Lancia produced factory models for competition seen here on the right.

Coupe - designed by Pininfarina: began as the Flavia with 1500cc engine, increased power with the introduction of the 1800cc and finally with the 2000cc engine combined with a revised body style. Began badged as Flavia, then Flavia 2000 and finally, just 2000 with the final version in production as 2000HF. 

Flavia Coupe - later known as Flavia 2000 and then simply 2000 and 2000HF. As with all Flavia, began with a 1500cc engine, with the 1800cc engine in 1964. Flavia 2000 introuduced in 1969  Then the 2000 and finally the 2000HF with Bosch fuel injection producing 125bhp. The Flavia 2000 has a bonnet air scoop in front of the windscreen, the 2000HF has a flat air intake with HF badges front and rear, and stainless steel trim on the leading edge with Cromodora wheels.